Here I am publishing my ideas which has been rejected by SAMSUNG. I'm opening these ideas for technology and feature enhancement of software because I believe these ideas is good but SAMSUNG failed to understand that. I really want these feature should come which will enhance our lives in many ways. As Samsung is not going to bring this idea in their product I believe other can bring out these ideas into life.

Retaled to Smart Phones:

Change TV channel by Volumes +/- button: [01.May.2013]
All of you know that recently SAMSUNG Galaxy S4 came out. It has IR blaster to control TV, but HTC also has this feature. Currently the phone has an specialized app to control the TV. Now to control TV keeping ON [ certainly the screen of smartphone] the App all the time will waste a lot of battery in Smart Phone. So I proposed to add an extra functionality in the Smartphone. Every smartphone has +/- volume button. I proposed, When the screen is off, and music in smart phone is not running, then this Volume +/- button could be used as TV channels changer. Such as pressing Volume+ button will increase TV channel, pressing Volume- button will decrease TV channel. 

Vibration Effect on S-PEN: [16.April.2013]

Currently, Samsung Note devices such as Samsung Galaxy Note 1, Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has S-PEN. They call it S-PEN, S for Stylus. But I proposed to call it S for Smart. Now, the Idea. Currently in Smartphone we see vibration effect, during turn off smartphone, turn on smartphone, pressing back button, or in various different places. Now the vibration effect is given only in Devices. I proposed that the S-PEN should also be equipped with vibration motor, that is add vibration effect in S-PEN also. The pen should vibrate in various condition depending on application and uses of the S-PEN. It will increase user experience a lot.

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