• Solid-State Circuits:

i.                     VLSI Circuits, Systems and Application

ii.                   Integrated Circuits – Digital

iii.                  Integrated Circuits – Analog and Mixed Signal

iv.                 Solid-State Circuit Design Technique

  • Power Electronics:

i.                     Power Electronics

ii.                   Analysis & Control of Power Electronics Systems

  • Circuits and Systems:

i.                     ASICS and Portable Electronics

ii.                   Circuit Analysis and Simulation

iii.                  Circuit Synthesis

iv.                 Circuits and Systems Theory, Design and Implementation

v.                   Digital Signal Processing

vi.                 High Performance Circuit Design

vii.                Low Power Circuit Design

viii.              Numerical Methods

ix.                 Sensor Design, Integration & Fusion

x.                   Circuits and Systems Theory

  • Industrial Electronics: Embedded Controllers
  •  Electron Devices:

i.                     Integrated Electronics

ii.                   Quantum Electronics

  • Computational Intelligence:

i.                     Adaptive Systems

ii.                   Pattern Recognition

iii.                  Artificial Neural Network

iv.                 Simulation

v.                   Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence

vi.                 Genetic Algorithm

  • Computer Science:

i.                     Programming Languages

ii.                   Artificial Intelligence

  • Engineering in Medicine and Biology:

i.                     Biomedical Signal Processing

ii.                   Image Processing

iii.                  Biomedical Instrumentation

iv.                 Medical Electronics

  • Industry Application: Computer Aided Design, Analysis, Synthesis and Verification
  • Instrumentation and Measurement
  • Professional Communication:

i.                     Educational and Professional Development

ii.                   Technical Presentation

iii.                  Technical Publication

  •  History of Electrical Engineering and Computing
  • Control System:

i.                     Control Theory

ii.                   Modeling, Simulation and Data Bases

iii.                  Fuzzy System

iv.                 Computer Aided Control System Design

  • Electromagnetic Theory
  • Vehicular Technology: Intelligent Transportation Systems



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